Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week 8

Hey everyone, this one's gonna be a little short. Sorry it's so much later than usual, today's schedule has been a little funky with being in a new district and all. Whoops. Cat's out of the bag. I might as well just tell you now... ;)

I've received a permanent reassignment to serve in the FLORIDA ORLANDO MISSION!!!!!!!I'm so excited! I will leave the MTC this next Monday, July 11th (the same day I would have left for Brazil). This decision was prompted by my issues with depression and anxiety, but I know that the Lord needs me in Orlando. I already feel so connected to that wonderful place. Yes, I will get to go to Disney World on my last P-day, and you're welcome for saving you all the cost of international postage.

I've been moved transferred into a new district of 11 other missionaries (7 elders and 4 other sisters), all of whom are going to Orlando too. Cool, huh? I've also moved into a new room with the other sisters in my district. My new companions are Sister Wilks and Sister Poulson, they're the greatest!

In all seriousness, though, I know that everything that has happened here has led be to go to Florida. The Lord has pieced together this perfect path for me that has led me where He wants me to be. It was in His plans for me to go to Orlando all along, but I needed to be here, and meet the people I met, and learn the things I learned (especially Portuguese) for a reason. His plan is ALWAYS perfect. ALWAYS better.

I love you all!



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  1. hmm. I had a feeling . . .
    The Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways. So happy for you, Erin!